2011. október 8., szombat

Album review: Army Rising - Impending Chaos (2011)

Let me introduce you a young and upcoming irish band, which is formed in Tipperary at the end of 2009. They released a demo last year, and this year the Rising Records released their fresh debut album.

Despite their age, they play heavy metal, in it's classic form, but they're into the trash-infected stepping and solos, and some modern, a bit metalcore -ish solutions.

Embracing the difference of the old times and the modern sounds, it gives an interesting mixture. They mixes the best times of old Metallica's melodies and feeling with the strength of lamb Of God, the well-composedness of Megadeth and the classicness of Iron Maiden. But I could mention the Pantera, AC/DC, Maroon, or the modernity of new Heaven Shall Burn.

The final product is quite interesting – as they web contact too: minimal myspace and maximal facebook account with a lot of teenagers. Also interesting is the fact, that they don't try to add classic values to the modern basics, but they make their hybrid vica versa. Because they armour the old order with the weapons of modern age, and there's an energic but still from the past arisen creature – it's respectable, to mention the young age of the guys!


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