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Album review: Taake - Noregs Vaapen (2011)

I think I don't have to introduce the norwegian cultic band from Bergen. Since it's beginning in 1993, it's their fifth album, released by the Karisma and the Dark Essence Recordings, which gave correct sounding and – in the way of the genre – excellent graphic design to this challenge. Previously, an EP and a split were also an introduction to this. So, what's up with the music? They changed a lot, they can experiment so they overstep some borders – it isn't a new Fleurety or Ulver stuff – but they haven't played so complex music before on either album of them.

The atmosphere of the oncoming melodies are evil, but they are dipping into a rather melancholic bath, the relative few vocals and sometimes weird musical solutions lead into deep despair. The aligned colors are a few red and yellow, but the grey and the black has priority in the pain-infected palette of the picture. The speed and the destruction are also existing there, but from the background, sometimes the black'n'roll starts, or the calmness of dark post-rock, and added some werird and surprising instrumentation – to mention the keyboards and the banjo-like guitar sounds. Not to forget about the hard rock and punk influences, or rock'n'roll, between the raw and the contemplative structures. A lof of guest musicans show their cocks, put into our mouth, we swallow, what else  should we do?!
The image is – desipte the eclectisness – is solid and respectable. There aren't any typical chliches of black metal, which almost killed the genre – there are no pathetic trying, it's honest and strong, radical, but also tranquilizing. To tell the truth: it's a great value related to an album, because it makes the music unforgettable and outstanding!

I can recomment it to the listeners, who like the mellow fruits of the genre, but if you like to wear these mentioned colors of the musical palette, try it!


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