2011. október 8., szombat

Album review: Steelpreacher - Hellraiser

The story of I Love Zombies Webzine is still in progress for moths. We couldn't wait for our slowly-working programmer, so started a temporary blog site. All of the reviews will be posted to there until our site is finished.

Bart Gabriel is also still waiting, so let's start it with the german Steelpreacher, who released their forth album this year. The band, which are from Rheinland-Pfalz plays the typical '80s heavy metal music. Despite of the quality of the release, it's a private release: althogh the Diablo-inspired cover and booklet, and the clear and energic sound reminds me a big label.

Musically, it's a perfect reincarnation of big and cultic bands like Manowar, ACDC, Motörhed, Running Wild, and so on, with a big retro feeling. The well-composed, but already a lot-of-time played musical themes build quite well, giving strong conception to the album, adapted from the spheres of our childhood. But I think I can ask a question: today, what's the point of this? Why start bands like this with some tribute-feeling, and plays something which was always marketable, but not marketable enough to earn money. Our german friends grab their instruments not for the success, but because this is their life, this is the way they show their respect, and I could express in many form their valueable, but still disadvantaging musical mimesis.

Music with great quality for the rather 50's than 40's age-group, great feeling with the good old jeans vest, riveting bracelet, long hair, mustache and other stereotypes of heavy metal. If you are interested, feel free to listen this well-composed and great sounding reincarnation, or heavy still yeah metal!!!


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